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 Live individuality in collectivity

Longterm rental spaces in our Cohousing Project 



We are Elvira and Heinz, a retired couple who live in Tarajalejo,

a small fishing village on the east coast of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), between Gran Tarajal and Costa Calma.

Our Finca Artis Tirma, where we want to carry out our Coliving project

(to live in a community with like-minded people),

it is located just 4 km from Tarajalejo.

  Elvira is a well-known artist on the island. She is the author and the soul of the place.

She has created this wonderful space with her artistic skills and inspiration from nature.

Her vision was to create an oasis of calm and a retreat from hectic life, a place of rest, work and exchange of ideas.

Several artists have already enriched the finca's “sculpture park” with their works.


Artis Tirma opens your heart and soul to the beauty of the surrounding nature,

consolidating the strength of the elements that are intensely felt in this place.

As a former PE Teacher, Elvira also developed her own body movements, which she calls CHI NOW.

They are channeled movements through which the body harmonizes in the here and now.

Currently she is still dedicated to artistic design and the preservation of the energy and harmony of the finca.

Heinz, formerly a physician and therapist, helped carry out various projects.

He is currently dedicated to the maintenance and proper operation of the place.


We are a small and homely Cohousing project (living in a community with like-minded people),

on the fascinating island of Fuerteventura.

This is an island with a beautiful and unique energy.

Here we have created a little "Garden of Eden" with art and greenery.

Light and silence invite you to explore, meditate and create beautiful things.

Artis Tirma is located between three mountains. The protected area of ​​Caracol  is to the East.

The sacred mountain of Cardón is to the West,

and the Tirba mountain to the North.

 It is a haven of peace and serenity. It is a magical and original place to live.

Our project is a place for those who want to find tranquility and harmony. 

Sharing with others and  creating a bond between the members of the Cohousing project

and also having an independent space for your own.

Elvira created this project, stone by stone, from 2003 with love, commitment, effort, dedication

and her own architectural and artistic vision.

A flourishing oasis has now emerged from the land where there were only stones.

The sun and the wind, very present on the island, nourish this farm with wind and solar energy

which today is completely self-sustaining.


" Walking through the different geomantic projects of the finca,

there are places for personal meeting and for joint celebration.

Places of the soul that open the heart to the beauty of nature and the sacred power of the elements.

Between earth, water, fire and air is the immense sky that frames this space. "


Click here and find out: Welcome to Artis Tirma!

Clica aquí y descúbrenos.

¡Bienvenidos  Artis Tirma!

nuestras casas



There are 7 properties that make up

our  Cohousing Project.

All of the houses on Artis Tirma 

are designed by the artist Elvira Isasi.

It is a typical Canarian construction

based around a large central patio.

Each house has

its own entrance and private terrace.



Private terraces


Each property has its own

private terrace,

equipped with the necessary furniture in order to relax .

Geomantic projects
Click here

We have several geomantic projects

to discover on the finca.

Own garden

Click here

There is the option to grown fruits and vegetables of your choice.


All properties

 have internet access.


Click here

The Pyramid room is a construction

of wood and stone excavated

within the mountain.

Here, we carry out different activities

such as yoga and meditation.



There is a communal washing machine available.



The town of Tarajalejo is located 

4 kms from the finca.

There you will find  a beautiful black sandy beach,

which is typical for this area.





We want to create a collaborative community of retired people with self-managed homes.

 Sharing the joy of living, enjoying harmony, common interests

and having the oportunity to have an independent and a social life.

We are young, creative, respectful and active spirits who enjoy learning and sharing our practical knowledge.

both from the place and from different disciplines related to well-being, nature and art.

Live as long as possible in our own home with good quality of life and assistance if needed.

For a long-term coexistence we have to guarantee a sustainable care and maintenance of the property,

 therefore care about the cost-effective management of Artis Tirma.

Write us and tell us about yourself and your interests, we are waiting for you in your new home.

If you are interested in living in our finca, please fill up our contact form and share with us your ideas and interests.

We are waiting for you in your new home.




The place has so much positive energy! A true gem in Fuerteventura!

Zsuzsanna Bird

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